Arif Veendijk is a Lead Designer. His skills include Industrial Design, Strategic Design, User Experience and Design Management. His work focuses on creating product experiences that connect brands to the physical world.
He graduated Cum Laude BSc Product Design at the Saxion University Enschede.

Over the past 15 years, he has created meaningful solutions for a broad range of clients from multinational companies to innovative start-ups. Designed for consumer market (consumer electronics, child products, household appliances, lighting and bycicles) as well professional industries (Medical devices, equipment&tools, machines and power supply).


– G100, CORTINA 2023 – E-LETT
– RedDot,  ANIMO 2019 – OptiMe
– RedDot,  ANIMO 2018 – Combi-Line
– GIO,  DACOM 2013 – Sensetion

CV on request