” Perfect coffee starts with a perfect machine. And when the machine also matches your taste, that’s when the magic happens. Get it all with our newest professional coffee machine: Animo OptiMe®. A strong espresso, a delicious brew, a cappuccino made with fresh milk? The OptiMe has been developed to bring flavour AND appearance: instantly ground coffee, in a personalised design. “ ANIMO

I had the privilege of being the lead in designing the ANIMO OptiMe, which started with the brief: “Create a competitive design around our core technology as entry to the retail and small office market”. An excellent challenge for architectural innovation on the product, as well as the UI/UX design level. The strategy was to define the immaterial values for this new proposition while still beiing reconizable as family member of ANIMO. We concluded that quality coffee is not only about the machine and it’s performance, but more importantly about the atmosphere and environment you’re enjoying it in! A story was born.

core values from bringing warmth and enyoinment ……..
…… into a personalizable coffee machine


The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, so we are of course delighted to have won it. OptiMe originated from a combination of our passion for coffee and that for beautiful designs, and it is great that the professional world appreciates that as well.’

Reinder Schortinghuis, managing director of Animo