“The Superscoop is a beach toy that has been designed following Cradle to Cradle guidelines. This means that this product is completely biodegradable and recyclable. Should the Superscoop be left on a beach, it will be break down biologically and be environmentally safe within a few months”.


To step into the brain of a child to enhance his pleasure is not a problem for me. This project gave me a great opportunity. Various concepts have been created with the keywords;  beach, fun and creation. When designing this sustainable toy, it was important to me that creativity is stimulated, safe to use, intuitive and that a long relationship arises with the toy as a result of which it is not quickly forgotten or thrown away. Later in the process it was the challenge to shape the conceptual idea of ​​the frogscoop so that it can be produced for the right costs in the right material, color and texture.