Koninklijke Visio

“Where am I”

“The title “Where am I?” Refers to the game setup. The teacher tells that he or she has hidden in a province. The teacher tells about the provinces, the capitals, the landscape and details. By asking questions, the student can guess where the teacher is. The answers ensure that certain provinces are eliminated until the correct province remains.”

This tactile game can be used by visually impaired children (approx. 7 years old) as a tool to assist them in learning the topography of the Netherlands, with its provinces, capitals and characteristic elements.

I was very happy when I heard from the customer that the tests had been successful and that the children were enthusiastic about the game. This meant that our designed “gameplay” has achieved its goal. As a designer you always dream of designing a game once. Above all, it was a challenge to understand how a visually impaired child would experience, understand and navigate such a game while contributing to the training of topography.

Ideation phase with a focus on possible gameplays

A full scale (A2 size) 3D-printed prototype was realized, ready for user testing.